Our services

  • Web development

    We’re striving for usable and simple solutions. We can discuss user experience (UX) with you and your target groups. We can design responsive websites to accommodate a wide range of mobile devices. We have done brochure/company pages, on-line magazines, on-line booking and grant management systems. We specialize in Craft CMS for custom development, and Squarespace if you need a small site quickly.

  • Graphic design

    We’ll research your target audience, and present you with a visual concept and identity which should be capable of adapting to future needs. We make books, posters, catalogs and other print materials, and we deal with the preparation of the work and the printing as well, to maintain quality. We love letters and whitespace.

  • Ongoing support

    We support and develop existing websites on an ongoing basis, based on a monthly contract and we allocate our hours flexibly according to your needs. We can manage your identity, and work on existing print materials too. We can provide you with a fast, SSD based server dedicated to our clients.

Who we are?

Farm Studio was formed in 2005 by three freelancers, and has since grown into a small company. We combine the advantages of freelancers and agencies: we can communicate simply and directly with our clients, we can reach decisions quickly, while at the same time we’re providing a reliable, ongoing service you can count on.
We have direct and friendly relations with our customers and we’re quite happy when cooperating with other companies too.

  • Anita Szabó

    Project management, customer relations


    A founder of Farm, Anita manages our projects and keeps contact with the customers. She has skills in HTML, CSS, Photoshop and Indesign, and understands the technical side of our projects. She also sees her work as a collaboration between two parties, where we use our experience and expertise to help you realize your goals.

  • Zsolt Ligetfalvi

    Art director


    A founder of Farm, and art director of our studio, Zsolt loves typography and still believes books have a future. His works are based on a concept and believes they must have meaning. Through simplicity he strives to create something authentic. He is the father of three daughters and his favourite singer is Marietta Méhes.

  • Zoltán Várady

    Lead developer


    Another founder of the company and lead developer of the group, Zoltán studied Software Engineering at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and has been building websites since 2000. He likes to keep abreast of new technologies, loves intellectual challenges, and sees a project through from its very beginning to its end. He has two boys and enjoys activism, free software, good beer and his family, not necessarily in that order.

  • Karol Haltenberger

    Back-end developer


    Karol has been using Drupal for almost ten years. Like most things in life, he learnt it on his own. He is a fan of open source software and technologies and likes to formulate problems precisely to have a clear understanding of the full picture.

  • Gábor Bezdán

    Graphic designer


    A member of the art team, Zsolt’s sidekick and a master of Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, Gábor graduated from the Prater Street Photography School and has worked at printing presses and ad agencies. He designs, retouches, does layout and prepress, and even some 3D modeling if needed. He likes to solve the technical problems of design and can make a good cup of coffee in 150 seconds.

  • András Váradi

    Grafikus, webdesigner


    András creates modern, usable websites and likes to experiment with new technologies. Currently this is responsive web design, where one design adapts to multiple screen sizes, including phones, tablets and desktop computers. His hobby is photography, he rides around on a bike and is a helveticaholic. He’s raising two girls.

  • Eliot

    Key account manager


    Our Parson Russell terrier (original name: Brit Spirit Jago) is descended from an English noble family from Ipswich. He’s very patient, but will jump at a moment’s notice and lavishes our clients with special attention. While almost motionless on his office beanbag, outside our studio he’s unstoppable.

Our work

We’ve made simple, introductory webpages for companies and worked with dozens of Non-Governmental Organizations. We’ve created online stores, mobile webpages, on-line booking and grant management systems. We’ve designed full identity packages, art bulletins, books, brochures, street posters, citylight ads, rollups, car stickers and exhibitions. We’re been curating identities for years in the non-profit and commercial sectors. Here’s a small selection of the work that we’re proud of:

Web design

  • WAMP
  • Ribisli
  • Mankon
  • ECTB
  • Espresso Embassy
  • InForma collection

Web development

  • Aventura hostel
  • Finta Studio
  • Café Budapest
  • Design Hét Budapest
  • Norvég Civil Támogatási Alap
  • Tudatos Vásárlók Egyesülete


  • Ökoszolgálat
  • Aaron parkett
  • Espresso Embassy
  • CMCS
  • ECTB Hungary
  • Liget plant decoration


  • Blogvilág
  • Arab könyvsorozat
  • Havannai napló
  • Momtarostraße
  • A fájdalom kövei
  • Verses ABC

Art projects

  • Zwack
  • Telenor
  • WAMP exhibitions


  • Lakcímke
  • Küszöbön a felújítás
  • CeeWeb


  • Alu-Style katalógus
  • Trafó-plakátok
  • Kuba fotóalbum


  • Infografikák
  • Könyvillusztráció
  • Kiadványillusztráció