We are the Farm.
We believe in long-term partnerships.

The Farm was founded in 2005 with the aim of creating an autonomous and creative space for people for whom design and programming is not just a task to be done, but a creative process.

We are united by our professional commitment, our trust in each other and our responsibility towards our (social and visual) environment.

Over the years, we have been entrusted by countless businesses, companies, NGOs, professional organisations, cultural and educational institutions to build and maintain their identity, image and message both in print and online.


Farm founder. She is in charge of project management and liaises with clients. Because she is friends with the impossible, she finds a solution for every situation. She thinks in terms of visions and communities, with a strong emphasis on fair and clear collaboration. You can count on her! She is raising a wonderful daughter.

Anita Szabó

Farm founder and lead designer of the studio. A lover of typography. Favourite words: concept, identity, authenticity. He loves when the visual gives free space to the mind of the recipient. He always strives for simplicity in graphic design. He has three daughters and n number of dogs. He feeds the birds daily. His favourite singer is Marietta Méhes.

Zsolt Ligetfalvi

András creates modern, usable websites and likes to experiment with new technologies. Currently this is responsive web design, where one design adapts to multiple screen sizes, including phones, tablets and desktop computers. His hobby is photography, he rides around on a bike and is a helveticaholic. He’s raising two girls.

Várady András

He has been involved in Drupal programming for nearly twenty years. Like everything else in his life, he learned it the self-taught way. He is an advocate of free software, open technologies and standards. He likes to be precise and dig deep into things, and to see them through to the end.

Karol Haltenberger

He started in book cover design, but has since moved into corporate identity, web design, and UX development, among other things. He is interested in the functional part of design, that certain ‘extra’ that helps the reception and interpretation. He likes to zip around on self- or wind-powered devices and prefers simple things.

Norbert Tóth

Dogs are an integral part of the Farm's history. Eliot was the first dog in our lives, working with us for 16 years. In the last few years, they have joined us on a project basis - Kamilla and Lujzi, and Darwin.


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