Web & Online presence.
We offer solutions for both the creative and technological challenges of your project.

We create pages for companies, non-profits, fundraising, webstores, online magazines, product showcases, portfolios, online bookings and application systems.

We support the online presence and communication needs of all kinds of brands. We design and implement complete web design systems, microsites, social media presence (post promotion, cover photos), newsletters, banners and information screens.

We look for easy to use solutions that are quick and responsive. We build sites with user experience (UX), adaptive technology and SEO in mind. We provide lightning-fast web hosting on SSD-based servers dedicated exclusively to our clients.

Web Packages

Our Work

We have supported WAMP's communication almost from the beginning: we developed its graphic and web design, created an online booking system and continue developing its web presence.


Since 2010, we have been building a system to serve the Budapest Design Week programme. We work with great web designers (Anna Bárdy & Ádám Katyi) every year.

Budapest Design Week

From the very start, we were there for the creation of the new website of Paulinyi & Partners Zrt. We integrated the web design by Hidden Characters under Craft CMS.

Paulinyi & Partners

In 2009, we created a system running on Drupal content management for Finta and Partners Architect Studio. The web designer was Dávid Baráth.


Cirko is one of the Hungarian institutions and we were honoured to be chosen by them. We provided CirkoFilm with the full service: web design and artwork, site build, and Craft content management system.


Filmservice is an agency producing advertising and television content. We provided a full service from scratch: web design, web artwork, site build, Craft content management system.


We started our relationship with the Energiaklub in 2008, allowing us to support their campaigns and projects with our experience.


Some work we love, some we do, and some is a commitment that helps us strengthen our identity. Thank you TASZ for all your work!


Multilingual Kids was one of our first Squarespace sites. Rita is a great professional; if you have any questions about multilingualism in childhood, contact her.

Multilingual Kids

The MarketingManager site was created at the request of Irén, with whom we have worked before. This site was created in Squarespace and was quickly and efficiently done.

Marketing Menedzser

We created a web design for Millenáris, which was then developed by an external developer.


The website of the CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival was one of our first projects with responsive web design, where we did the design and site build.

Café Budapest

We created this page for Ribisli in 2012, which was already running on Drupal. In addition to the overall web design, we designed their entire communications identity.


For Liget Plant Decoration, we designed their entire image and web presence on Drupal CMS.


When we started working for CEU in 2007, it was an exciting area of work for us. Since then, we know that certain work helps to strengthen our values.


We developed the Ökotárs tender evaluation system with Drupal and supported it for years. It was exciting work, full of twists and turns.

NGO Fund of the Norway Grants

The previous image of WAX Klub Ski and Snowboard School was completely overhauled. We gave them a logo and a strong identity, and designed and developed their website on WordPress CMS.

WAX Klub

Mobile+ Charger is the marketing page for a mobile charging station targeted at events and festivals. This responsive site was entirely created by us.

Mobile Charger

Together with Dávid Baráth, we created the website for Vitéz Kürtős, which was awarded Website of the Year in 2021.

Vitéz kürtőskalács

The Villa Bagatelle site is another Dávid Baráth design, created with the precision he demanded.

Villa Bagatelle

The website of the 12th District Family Support and Child Welfare Centre was also created using Squarespace templates, which we customised according to their needs.

Family Support and Child Welfare Service

The page presenting the rich portfolio of Tamás Seres was conceived and art directed by Zsolt Czakó.


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